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Spotify India | mediasmart
Spotify partnered with Interactive Avenues and mediasmart who came in with their proprietary CTV Household Sync Technology, a technology that comprehensively enables brands to reach and engage with new-age media consumers who like to consume content on their large screens and can be nudged to perform an action on their connected devices. The technology enabled brand storytelling on large screens, followed by creating impact on connected mobile devices.
Lotus Herbals | mediasmart - Lotus SafeSun Hai na to beat the sun!
Lotus Herbals, a leading brand of herbal and natural cosmetic products with 25+ years of market presence, wanted to promote its range of sunscreens and drive top-of-mind brand awareness and engagement among evolved 18-25-year-old females. Lotus Herbals partnered with mediasmart, levering our proprietary solutions; Combining CTV Household Sync Technology with Omnichannel Audience Targeting.
mediasmart x KFC Driving adoption via proximity targeting
KFC (India) partnered with mediasmart and Blink Digital to use their cutting-edge Location Precision Targeting Technology along with their NEXD integration. mediasmart was instrumental in identifying and reaching out to audiences and delivering an awe-inspiring personalized ad experience which enabled users to discover KFC stores nearest to them and resulted in a 3x CTR as compared to the industry benchmark and helped countless Indians minimize the time spent outside in times of COVID-19.
mediasmart | Discovery + | Connecting the disconnected worlds of TV & Mobile
Discovery+ (Discovery Inc) & Merkle Sokrati collaborate with mediasmart Mobile for this award winning case study - "Discovery+, Connecting the Disconnected Worlds of TV & Mobile".
Connected TV & Household Sync Technology is unifying multi-screen audiences from a user attention & attribution lens, thereby driving far impactful results for advertisers.
Burberry: The power of brand storytelling on Connected TVs
Burberry, Dentsu and Techvantage partnered with mediasmart to reach ultra-premium users in the UAE consuming on-demand content on Connected TVs, in order to promote their Fall Winter 2021 campaign- Open Spaces. The campaign was a huge success, with mediasmart helping Burberry achieve over 93% view-through rates on Connected TVs. Check out the full video to learn more.
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