DOOH with Audience Sync
Empower your omnichannel marketing by seamlessly connecting your digital out-of-home ads to Mobile CTV, thus ensuring and a unified consumer journey and messaging. Analyze multiple data points simultaneously and optimize campaigns to achieve better results through more impactful campaigns.
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Power Up Your Impact
Utilize the power of DOOH screens to generate effective impact on your targeted audience
Generate a wholesome impact
Leverage DOOH screens to disseminate information without being intrusive and filter information based on users' areas of interest, which can enable more targeted advertising. These screens are an integral part of our daily lives, and utilizing them can increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
Enhance Omnichannel Marketing
Integrate Digital- Out-Of-Home screens with Mobile and Connected TV screens to enhance omnichannel marketing strategies. Expand the range of platforms to engage with consumers, for a more powerful and effective approach.
Real-Time Impact
Enables real-time buying on memorable and impactful screens in high-traffic public locations that capture the attention of passersby.
Unforgettable Brand Experience
Increases brand recall and gets a closer experience with the consumer, usually on unskippable and unblockable screens.
Data-Driven Optimization
Opens up the possibility to analyze multiple data points simultaneously and optimize campaigns to achieve better results.
Billions of targeted impressions
Across 100's of cities
46 Placement Categories
for DOOH screens
5 Supply
dedicated to DOOH integrated
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