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A team of professionals with many years of experience in the mobile and digital advertising world striving for innovation and quality of service.

mediasmart - a self-serve mobile programmatic platform (now acquired by Affle International Pte. Ltd., Singapore) - provides advertisers, trading desks and agencies an integrated mobile advertising solution with the unique capability of measuring incremental metrics in real-time for Proximity and App marketing campaigns. mediasmart empowers advertisers to efficiently invest in advertising through a transparent platform that links the physical world with the digital world across mobile devices and connected TVs, all while following a privacy by design approach to all solutions provided.

Headquartered in Madrid, mediasmart includes a team of passionate technologists and mobile advertising experts.

Take a look at our culture and values:

  • Be a generous leader. One that helps others succeed and celebrate their success.

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  • Love curiosity. Keep learning and stay relevant.

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  • It’s a team effort. Collaborate and cooperate to build a smart company.

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  • Go farther. Be an example for others. Set the bar.

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  • Love what we do. Love our work with passion and respect.

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  • Do good and do well. Our work matters.

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Ad Fraud Manifesto

Mobile ad fraud is an issue for everyone working in the mobile advertising industry. While there are some disincentives and examples of ad fraudsters being fined or even jailed, there is an overwhelming tide of parties committing mobile ad fraud.

That’s why we’re launching this mobile ad fraud manifesto, to call attention and make our contribution to addressing these issues.


We work hard and never forget to have fun in the process. Absolutely devoted to our customers and to building the best DSP out there, our passion shines through everything we do.

  • Noelia Amoedo CEO
  • Guillermo Fernandez CTO
  • Marta Lopez de Haro Client Services Director
  • Francisco Barea Frontend Team Leader
  • Natalia Franquet Frontend Developer
  • Ana Martínez Frontend Developer
  • Adrian Gigante Backend Developer
  • Diego Pastor Backend Developer
  • Aniss Laamouri Head of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation
  • Tiago Vila Verde Head of Analytics
  • Javier Almirante Account Manager
  • Adriana Ullivari Product Marketing Manager
  • Gema Posada Sales Manager
  • Adrián Rubio VP Business Development
  • Olatz Goicoechea Business Development
  • Adrián Domínguez Financial controller
  • Adrián Hernández Senior Account Manager
  • Emilio Carpio Account Manager
  • Álvaro Martínez Account Manager
  • Marta Amunarriz Account Executive
  • Julen Zabaleta Account Executive
  • Marta Maldonado Account Executive


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We are based in Madrid and London, but depending on the position you may work wherever you want. We are growing every year, and we’d love for you to join us!

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info@mediasmart.io +34 91 199 35 46 Calle García de Paredes 12, 1º B Madrid, 28010 BE OFFICE Rue Belliard, Belmont Court 51 - 53 Brussels, 1000