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Switch to mobile; where users spend most of their time, in a brand safe way

  • Access and manage deals (audience packages, PMP, etc…)
  • Integrate your First Party data and dynamically generate new audiences
  • Access third party data
  • Target inventory compatible with Ads.txt
  • Access formats including native video, audio and rich media
  • Target inventory with high viewability
  • Easy management of publisher lists and full publisher transparency
  • Optimize automatically to your KPIs
  • Monitor campaigns with easy to use dashboards and granular reports
You can serve different ad formats in the mediasmart platform: images, video, native, etc.

Proximity Campaigns

Use user's location to personalize your advertising efforts and measure the impact of your campaigns in driving footfall

  • Easily discover POIs (based on OpenStreetMaps)
  • Upload, download and modify lists of areas (geolists). Control their precision.
  • Measure footfall in real time ("attributed visits") with multiple solutions
  • Follow Uplift and Incremental visits on a daily basis
  • Understand the statistical relevance of data gathered
  • Access daily insights about your proximity campaigns, including daily updated heatmaps
  • Create audiences based on user's locations, and target them in campaigns
mediasmart gives you many different specific mobile targeting variables for targeting, including geolocation.

App marketing

Measure uplift in your campaigns and let incremental metrics drive your investment for maximum efficiency

  • Ad Server that can be used when running campaigns in any network/demand platform that supports third party ad tags
  • Automatic measurement of incremental metrics by comparing control/placebo users
  • Fully granular and transparent reports, including session level data
  • Dashboard with daily Insights for immediate optimization
  • Certified with the main tracking players in the market: Branch, Appsflyer, Adjust and Kochava
You can set notifications in the interface to help you manage and optimize your campaigns.

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