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We take ad fraud very seriously. Check our articles, docs and links about features
that we have to ensure ad quality, safety and fight fraud.

We provide absolutely granularity when it comes to targeting and reporting (via our web interface or API).
Ad Quality Tools
We have strong Ad Quality tools to make sure any third party tag uploaded in our platform has the necessary quality. We are integrated with both The Media Trust and Geoedge at an API level to detect any ad quality issue and act upon it immediately in order to protect our premium inventory
Incremental Metrics
We measure efficiency by comparing results when an ad is served versus when it is not.
Simply by doing this, it will automatically prevent known forms of ad fraud, such as; click injection, click/impression flooding, bots or forced clicks to name a few, and help you manage effectively the dangers of fingerprinting.
Anti-Fraud Tools for Inventory
We have a number of internal tools to prevent bot traffic or traffic coming from click farms. Among others, we generate unique, one use only, volatile click and impression URLs; we detect and do not count duplicate clicks; we ensure consistency between bid requests and impressions and we measure latency and time to click from impression.
We maintain a system-wide black-list of publishers that generate "strange" results (too low or too high CTRs or any suspicion or non-human generated clicks).
We avoid spoofing by allowing campaigns to target only publishers that support ads.txt & apps ads.txt, and we verify by comparing with Sellers.JSON. We also allow to target Apps by rating (as rated in the App stores) The more stars an App has, the more reliable it would be!
We are also certified by Innovid for video creatives.
Tracking & Attribution
We are deeply integrated with several top Adserving and tracking partners, (AdJust, Appsflyer, Branch, Kochava, etc) and certified with partners such as Integral Ad Science and MOAT.
We also have our, own way of tracking viewability in real time that allows you to track media quality metrics (Ads Loaded, Ads Viewed, Ad Errors) and to automatically optimize.
Educational Content
We generate and promote content, in order to help other players identifying situations in which they are being tricked. Some examples:
On top of that, we created our, call the attention to this issue, allowing everyone to join us to contribute for a better industry!
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