Reach your targeted audience on all screen types with all ad types
Engaging ad formats for effective

mediasmart supports all leading industry ad formats across all major screen types to make
sure you have immersive ad options to communicate your message effectively

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Create appealing static or moving banners or deliver your
own ad serving tags
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Dynamize your message and entertain your target audience. Host your video files or point to external video URLS.
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Blend seamlessly within the content and create a user experience that's truly immersive. Upload text together with images or videos and a call to action
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Rich Media
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Captivate your audience and boost brand recognition. mediasmart is certified
with all rich media ad servers
used in mobile and has access to
NEXD creative studio
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Engage your audience on the go with audio advertising. Upload an audio file
and include end-cards
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In Gaming
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Discover the untapped potential of in-game advertising and unlock a whole new level of brand engagement
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Adapting Content in Real-Time
for Personalization

Be relevant by adapting your content in real- time to different conditions related to the
user, the context, the location, the time of the day or even the weather

Advanced after Click Options

Bring interactivity to a whole new level by driving users to a landing page or to any of the other
options below: a map, a wallet, an app, a real-time chat or a call

Click to Chat

Messages directly to instant message (WhatsApp, Line…)

Click to App

Open an app store or an app

Click to Call

Dial a phone number

Click to Wallet

Download Coupons on Phone Wallet

Click to Map

Dynamic to closest store
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