Connected TV Sync
Maximize your brand's CTV reach with CTV Sync. Seamlessly sync your advertising campaigns across screens, harmonizing CTV ads with household devices, driving app downloads and crafting captivating ads. CTV Sync is your gateway to a synchronized and impactful CTV presence, enhancing brand recognition and engagement. Welcome to the future of CTV advertising—welcome to CTV Sync.
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Prime Time Anytime
Combine the inventory quality of Linear TV with the ad spend efficiency of programmatic advertising
Audience Targeting
Target viewers based on interests, demographics, digital behaviors, and privacy-compliant location data. Utilize 1P data or integrate multiple DMPs.
Impactful Tracking and Measurement
Drive better measurability across online metrics (web and app) as well as footfall to physical stores.
- Seamlessly track installs and in-app events for CTV and mobile apps in real-time.
- Quantify TV ads with 25+ KPIs in real-time, including app downloads, e-commerce conversions, store visits, and website visits.
Unified Audience Reach
Connect campaigns for the hyper-connected, multi-screening users of today. Leverage CTV ads with demographic, interest, or location-based data from 1st or 3rd party sources.
Enhanced Audience Engagement
- Premium Viewability: Target high-awareness users more likely to interact with your ads and drive positive interactions.
- Content Variety: Advertise to audiences engaged with high-quality, brand-safe content, including streaming apps, OTT channels, and gaming
AI-powered Brand safety
Our proprietary AICTVSafe feature, powered by OpenAI, ensures Brand safety on your CTV campaigns. With a global no-code activation, it automatically filters out risk categories, aligning seamlessly content and brands.
Global Market Reach
Forget inconvenient one-on-one deals with CTV platforms and FAST channels. mediasmart enables global ad delivery.
90% + Video Completion
in average
24% Lower CPM
using our Household sync solution
80% engagement
on other devices, using our Household sync solution
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