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Connected TV
Maximize your brand's CTV reach with CTV Sync. Seamlessly sync your advertising campaigns across screens, harmonizing CTV ads with household devices, driving app downloads and crafting captivating ads. CTV Sync is your gateway to a synchronized and impactful CTV presence, enhancing brand recognition and engagement.
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Mobile Ads
Achieve unprecedented reach and impact on mobile screens due to their widespread adoption. By using programmatic buying, you can access a wide range of inventory and reach a broader audience across multiple publishers.
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Drive to Store with
Use users’ locations insights to create relevant audiences in a completely privacy compliant way and target them at the right place and the right time.
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DOOH with
Audience Sync
Empower your omnichannel marketing by seamlessly connecting your digital out-of-home ads to Mobile CTV, thus ensuring and a unified consumer journey and messaging.
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Scalable Omnichannel
Benefit from an integrated programmatic advertising strategy that allows you to leverage the interactivity of mobile ads, the storytelling of CTV ads, the impact of DOOH, and the measurability of programmatic ads.
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Global Scale
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Unparalleled reach for global mobile inventory through leading direct
programmatic integrations that enable higher audience outreach.
Brand Safety, Data, Tracking and Creative Optimization Partners
Data-driven Solutions for Real-time Optimization, Compliance, and Creativity
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