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mediasmart mobile demand platform is powerful and user friendly.

Do you want to effectively advertise on mobile devices?

Mediasmart can help you optimize your media investment and effectively reach mobile audiences in real time. How do we do it? Using extensive data to drive the decisions made by our programmatic algorithms, born for mobile. Our secret is our proprietary platform, which strikes the perfect balance between artificial intelligence and human interaction, and you can have all its power in your own hands through the most intuitive and transparent web app, or through our APIs.

Do you want to use the most advanced mobile programmatic tools?

mediasmart platform ensures your campaigns are flawlessly delivered in mobile environments, allows you to take advantage of the much wider breadth of data available on mobile and, overall, gives your team superpowers: you can focus on what brings the most value and let our algorithms do the rest.

Easy to use, fully transparent, with a lot of levers available for targeting and optimization, sophisticated analysis tools, and convenient notifications to call your attention when action is required. You can also learn from every single campaign you run thanks to our powerful audience management tools, which can be easily integrated with your own data management platform.

Configure your campaigns in our easy to use platform.

High quality global inventory and unparalleled reach through our proprietary platform

Daily peaks of more than

1 millionbid requests per second

Access to more than

50 billionImpressions available per day

Campaigns running in more than


Photo of Nicolas - head of media buying - Mozoo Group
mediasmart is not only one of the most advanced tools to use but also a team of smart and great people to work with. After few months only, it became our most used technology as it's giving us the opportunity to manage and optimize our campaigns perfectly."
Nicolas Saraiva Head of Media Buying & Operations Mozoo Group
Photo of Ido - head of programmatic - Vidride
mediasmart has helped us increase our revenue in many locations thanks to a good variety of targeting options and great customer service!”
Ido Ottolenghi Head of Programmatic Vidride
Photo of Yifat - head of supply - Positive Mobile
mediasmart´s team is super-professional, and they have a top of the line buying platform to accompany their services. mediasmart brings top publishers and has all the latest market tools and features that a trader needs to meet goals.
Yifat Eliason Head of Supply at Positive Mobile

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